“Lets Get Railed”

Looking for fun and affordable drinks and food? Give Railyard a try and “get railed”!

Railyard Bar and Grill is located on S. Edward Gary Street just off of the square. It’s tucked away into it’s own little country world. Railyard’s food is classic, but has it’s own twist. I usually get the Chicken Cado sandwich which is a sun dried grilled chicken image1 (2)sandwich with pesto mayo, avocado, pico and cheese. (I got mine without cheese and pico, because yuck)

Now I had to find a pair for my lunch, so I got a vodka classic-vodka cranberry. Vodka cranberry seems to be a go-to vodka drink so I decided to give it a try. It was the perfect sweet to compliment my grilled chicken and fries. To be completely honest, I couldn’t even taste the vodka, so that was perfect all in itself. An even better idea would be a cranberry vodka with cranberry juice or soda. Masking a strong vodka taste is definitely key for myself.

Railyard makes your dining and drinking experience absolute fun too! There is an inside and outside dining area. Inside there are pool tables, a stage and the bar. Outside there are ping pong tables, benches, horseshoes, TVs and hammocks. It’s so casual and honestly very affordable to those of us on a college budget. They have a great happy hour from 3-7 p.m. everyday, and when a train goes by you get happy hour prices! Hence the name…Railyard…

This casual, fun and affordable bar and grill gets two thumbs up in my book! Perfect food with delicious drinks and great prices, makes my stomach and my wallet extremely happy. Give it a try!