The Last Straw…Full of Vodka

Hello for the very last time faithful followers (if there are any of you out there). This is my last post, and unlike my others I will not be reviewing a vodka drink. This time I will just explain what I thought of this assignment and whole class and how my blogs turned out. Hopefully I gained a few fans and followers that aren’t just my Graduate Instructor (Hi Cheyenne!).

As I look through my old posts and reflect on this assignment I actually really enjoyed this. I used to think blogs were just people’s diaries they felt the need to post online, but now I understand that you find a community and people with similar interests to bond with. I only found one other blog about vodka that I actually enjoyed reading though. It definitely takes time to find those blogs that are actually interesting, so I hope that my blog has done that for someone! I definitely thought that looking at other people’s posts and topics were helpful in choosing one that was original and different from everyone’s the class. I also liked the idea of reviewing a blog similar to your own so that you can get new ideas and find better ways to tell your opinions.

Honestly I can’t think of anything to improve or include in the blog that would specifically benefit me or my topic. I really enjoyed all of it. I think that writing in any manner is good experience for the future, and since so many social media and blogging jobs are being created it’s great to get experience in the field!

Looking at my stats on the WordPress site I see that my most popular week was the first week, and my most popular post was my first bar post-second in general. I think that having my graduate instructor choose mine as an example is to thank for that (thank you!! I was really honored), and also because I posted that first and second post on Facebook and I have a more prominent following and more friends on that medium. That post about Chimy’s got 112 views, with 225 views total that week. I was surprised at how many texts and phone calls and shares I got over a silly blog. Like my boyfriend’s brother read it…and called me about it. It was nice to feel the support and to feel like my work was actually good!

screen shot of stats

In all, I really did like this assignment! I hope that in the future I get to blog for part of my career!

Thanks for reading,



Whoo-Hoo Mayloo’s

This is sadly my last drink of the semester. I had to choose my last bar wisely, so I decided to go to a newly popular bar: Mayloo’s. This bar was just reinvented. They renamed the bar to Mayloo’s a couple months back and completely redesigned the back bar on the porch. Now there are swings at the bar!! So you can literally just swing like a child and drink your grown up drink, and that’s exactly what I did. I fed my adult and child spirit.


I chose to not really go out with a bang on the drink end. I went with a simple, but filling and low-calorie drink: a vodka soda with lime. This drink is just simple vodka-I chose Enchanted Rock-and soda water or club soda then a couple limes to add a little flavor. When I first tried this drink a year ago on the square I could not handle the flavor. But now I adjusted to the taste, especially cause I added a little more lime to make it acidic and citrus-y.

I know, I know. How boring can you get? But not everyone likes those super sugary fruity drinks, so I chose to be a little more flavor neutral. This drink doesn’t make your stomach hurt, and it’s so light and airy with the soda bubbles that you don’t feel guilty for drinking any sugar. The bar atmosphere is so fun and you always have a great time on the swings. There are two different bars so you don’t have to wait in line, and that always helps when it’s crowded on the weekend! Mayloo’s is a great place to take anyone from age 21-61!

Until next time,



Cheatham Stree Warehouse: A San Marcos Emblem

Hello once more!

This week I went to a San Marcos emblem for the first time: Cheatham Street Warehouse! George Strait was discovered here, and JAB and Randy Rogers Band are avid entertainers, so it’s definitely a place to visit. Also, their happy hours prices are something you don’t want to miss out on. They’re Monday thru Friday 3-7:30, with a free show in the afternoon. Now that’s a deal! The venue is small, but has so much character, so I captured it’s story with a photo slideshow gallery for y’all today! I hope you enjoy!

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Lucky Rabbit’s Foot?

Hey there gang!

I decided to continue my trend on the square from the last post and try a bar called Black Rabbit. I remember this one from my 21st birthday because all my friends said it was a tradition to sit upon the giant black rabbit statue. So obviously I did, and it made for a great picture, but some not-so-happy employees. But, that’s besides the point. This time I came to try a Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mules are now my favorite drink. Like hands down. I love this drink, IMG_3476and I LOVE the atmosphere of Black Rabbit.  A Moscow Mule is made out of vodka, “spicy” ginger beer and some lime juice. Luckily bars always have limes, so the juice was fresh! This drink was so refreshing and tangy and just all around delicious. I’m not kidding when I say I have found my new drink. The ginger beer adds a little kick, and you cannot taste an ounce of the vodka. The lime juice also helps add a little acidity and fruitiness to the drink. These are served, and must be served, in a copper mug otherwise the flavor won’t be the same and it won’t be as crisp and rich.

As I’m drinking my delicious Moscow Mule in a copper mug I walk IMG_3477to the back of the bar where a very wide assortment of arcade games are present. There is also 4 lanes of ski ball. Yep you guessed it: the only game your parents play at Chucky Cheese is available for free for drunk college kids. I mean this bar was so much fun. Not only did I try a new drink, but I got to play games for free and the bar was empty because I attended on a Monday. So my advice to get a Moscow Mule and warm up your ski ball arm for a great night at the Black Rabbit!

A Whole Street of Vodka!

Y’all I discovered a place that is literally named after vodka, and it has food!!! Vodka Street is a bar located on the square right next to Chimy’s, and Taxi’s bar is right below it. I didn’t get a chance to try the food this time, because this girl is broke as a joke. However, I did get to try a new kind of vodka that my sister recommended because she just so happens to be a bartender there! Kelsey, my sister/bar tender, introduced me to a new kind of vodka made here in Fredericksburg, Texas!

Enchanted Rock, as we all know, is a great park with hiking trails in Fredericksburg, TX. You can climb to the top of a really giant rock and feel like a superstar who also burned off all the calories she just drank in vodka…AKA me. I haven’t been to Fredericksburg in a while to be honest, so it was nice to see that the town is flourishing with vodka, and whiskey distilleries. It was also nice to get a little taste of what they have to offer. I hope to visit their distillery IMG_3472and get to try some new vodkas as well! Enchanted Rock Vodka comes in all different flavors, but they are all just as smooth and delicious.

Kelsey had me try the Enchanted Rock Peach mixed with sprite. I like to try flavored vodkas because it disguises from the alcohol taste. However, those whipped cream or fruit loop bottles are absolutely horrid, and should never be sold to anyone. Ever. This drink was fruity and carbonated, thanks to the sprite so it was actually quite refreshing! I enjoyed the quiet, yet tasteful peach flavor that the vodka brought through. I had never heard of peach vodka, so I was definitely skeptical at first, but I would definitely recommend this drink to anyone who wants a fruity, but not too sweet vodka refresher!

Vodka Street was also just as refreshing. It’s nicer to be there during the day rather than at night. For some reason I have never been to attracted to it whenever I choose to partake in square activities. I do wish to try the brunch next time, because I do hear that they make a delicious and diverse menu. The bar is decorated with creative artwork, cocktail table and bar chairs. It’s quaint, fun and cute! Definitely a place to try!

“Lets Get Railed”

Looking for fun and affordable drinks and food? Give Railyard a try and “get railed”!

Railyard Bar and Grill is located on S. Edward Gary Street just off of the square. It’s tucked away into it’s own little country world. Railyard’s food is classic, but has it’s own twist. I usually get the Chicken Cado sandwich which is a sun dried grilled chicken image1 (2)sandwich with pesto mayo, avocado, pico and cheese. (I got mine without cheese and pico, because yuck)

Now I had to find a pair for my lunch, so I got a vodka classic-vodka cranberry. Vodka cranberry seems to be a go-to vodka drink so I decided to give it a try. It was the perfect sweet to compliment my grilled chicken and fries. To be completely honest, I couldn’t even taste the vodka, so that was perfect all in itself. An even better idea would be a cranberry vodka with cranberry juice or soda. Masking a strong vodka taste is definitely key for myself.

Railyard makes your dining and drinking experience absolute fun too! There is an inside and outside dining area. Inside there are pool tables, a stage and the bar. Outside there are ping pong tables, benches, horseshoes, TVs and hammocks. It’s so casual and honestly very affordable to those of us on a college budget. They have a great happy hour from 3-7 p.m. everyday, and when a train goes by you get happy hour prices! Hence the name…Railyard…

This casual, fun and affordable bar and grill gets two thumbs up in my book! Perfect food with delicious drinks and great prices, makes my stomach and my wallet extremely happy. Give it a try!

Someone a little like me…

Afternoon vodka heads!

This week I’m doing something a little different. I’ve decided to look around a try a taste of different blogs. Although there are similar blogs within my class, I wanted to see how those “famous” bloggers to their own thing. So naturally I FullSizeRender (2)went to the all knowing Google and found a winner in the very first slot.

Ware is the Vodka!? is written by Sevi, a young mid-twenties blogger from Dallas who loves vodka. Although I do not share her passion for drinking it straight, I appreciate how she incorporates drink recipes and other topics within her blog. She’ll write about current events such as Comic Con, or about fashion, health, food, etc. The possibilities are endless and I think that’s what gives her blog so much attention and makes her such a well-rounded writer.

Her personality shows through her writing, and makes me want to read more. Even her website itself is adorable. Pink with black and gold accents, and of course a vodka martini and a glitter olive – I mean can you get ANY cuter?! Her well-written thoughts must have made her famous because she was first up on my google search “famous blogs about vodka”. I will continue to follow her and try out her vodka recipes and advice for life! Thanks for the great read!!