Lucky Rabbit’s Foot?

Hey there gang!

I decided to continue my trend on the square from the last post and try a bar called Black Rabbit. I remember this one from my 21st birthday because all my friends said it was a tradition to sit upon the giant black rabbit statue. So obviously I did, and it made for a great picture, but some not-so-happy employees. But, that’s besides the point. This time I came to try a Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mules are now my favorite drink. Like hands down. I love this drink, IMG_3476and I LOVE the atmosphere of Black Rabbit.  A Moscow Mule is made out of vodka, “spicy” ginger beer and some lime juice. Luckily bars always have limes, so the juice was fresh! This drink was so refreshing and tangy and just all around delicious. I’m not kidding when I say I have found my new drink. The ginger beer adds a little kick, and you cannot taste an ounce of the vodka. The lime juice also helps add a little acidity and fruitiness to the drink. These are served, and must be served, in a copper mug otherwise the flavor won’t be the same and it won’t be as crisp and rich.

As I’m drinking my delicious Moscow Mule in a copper mug I walk IMG_3477to the back of the bar where a very wide assortment of arcade games are present. There is also 4 lanes of ski ball. Yep you guessed it: the only game your parents play at Chucky Cheese is available for free for drunk college kids. I mean this bar was so much fun. Not only did I try a new drink, but I got to play games for free and the bar was empty because I attended on a Monday. So my advice to get a Moscow Mule and warm up your ski ball arm for a great night at the Black Rabbit!


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