A Whole Street of Vodka!

Y’all I discovered a place that is literally named after vodka, and it has food!!! Vodka Street is a bar located on the square right next to Chimy’s, and Taxi’s bar is right below it. I didn’t get a chance to try the food this time, because this girl is broke as a joke. However, I did get to try a new kind of vodka that my sister recommended because she just so happens to be a bartender there! Kelsey, my sister/bar tender, introduced me to a new kind of vodka made here in Fredericksburg, Texas!

Enchanted Rock, as we all know, is a great park with hiking trails in Fredericksburg, TX. You can climb to the top of a really giant rock and feel like a superstar who also burned off all the calories she just drank in vodka…AKA me. I haven’t been to Fredericksburg in a while to be honest, so it was nice to see that the town is flourishing with vodka, and whiskey distilleries. It was also nice to get a little taste of what they have to offer. I hope to visit their distillery IMG_3472and get to try some new vodkas as well! Enchanted Rock Vodka comes in all different flavors, but they are all just as smooth and delicious.

Kelsey had me try the Enchanted Rock Peach mixed with sprite. I like to try flavored vodkas because it disguises from the alcohol taste. However, those whipped cream or fruit loop bottles are absolutely horrid, and should never be sold to anyone. Ever. This drink was fruity and carbonated, thanks to the sprite so it was actually quite refreshing! I enjoyed the quiet, yet tasteful peach flavor that the vodka brought through. I had never heard of peach vodka, so I was definitely skeptical at first, but I would definitely recommend this drink to anyone who wants a fruity, but not too sweet vodka refresher!

Vodka Street was also just as refreshing. It’s nicer to be there during the day rather than at night. For some reason I have never been to attracted to it whenever I choose to partake in square activities. I do wish to try the brunch next time, because I do hear that they make a delicious and diverse menu. The bar is decorated with creative artwork, cocktail table and bar chairs. It’s quaint, fun and cute! Definitely a place to try!


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