Someone a little like me…

Afternoon vodka heads!

This week I’m doing something a little different. I’ve decided to look around a try a taste of different blogs. Although there are similar blogs within my class, I wanted to see how those “famous” bloggers to their own thing. So naturally I FullSizeRender (2)went to the all knowing Google and found a winner in the very first slot.

Ware is the Vodka!? is written by Sevi, a young mid-twenties blogger from Dallas who loves vodka. Although I do not share her passion for drinking it straight, I appreciate how she incorporates drink recipes and other topics within her blog. She’ll write about current events such as Comic Con, or about fashion, health, food, etc. The possibilities are endless and I think that’s what gives her blog so much attention and makes her such a well-rounded writer.

Her personality shows through her writing, and makes me want to read more. Even her website itself is adorable. Pink with black and gold accents, and of course a vodka martini and a glitter olive – I mean can you get ANY cuter?! Her well-written thoughts must have made her famous because she was first up on my google search “famous blogs about vodka”. I will continue to follow her and try out her vodka recipes and advice for life! Thanks for the great read!!


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