Is Chimys the cerveceria for you?

It’s Sunday, and I’m tired. After a long day including a 5 hour workshop covering risk management the last thing I wanted to do was homework. Good thing my homework now includes this blog and the drinks that come with it. So, in order to kill two birds with one stone I decided to hit up a small, but dpwell-known bar called Chimy’s. It’s technically called a cerveceria, but they are interchangeable in this sense.

Chimy’s is a staple to most college towns in the south, and especially to San Marcos and Texas State. Chimy’s has a fun, easy-going atmosphere with many different nick knacks hanging on the wall that reflect on the diversity of the customers. There is also a wide array of drinks available to anyone 21 & over-obviously. The drink to get is a Chimy’s original-the DP Shootout. Although the name resembles the soda we all love, Dr. Pepper, it doesn’t have any trace of the soda within it.

The DP shootout is such a “sacred” tradition that not even the bartenders can tell me what’s inside it. But just for the sake of this blog, I caught a glimpse of the labels as they were mixing my drink. Vodka, amaretto and coke are the sugar spice and everything nice that create the most powerful and delicious drink offered here. It’s not too strong, and you honestly can’t taste any trace of alcohol, which in my opinion makes it GREAT! This drink literally tastes like a can of Dr. Pepper freshly cracked open at a tailgate, which is amazing because there is no trace of it in the ingredients! Isn’t alcohol amazing and scary all at the same time?

So if you are like me and hate the taste of alcohol, this drink is the drink for you. Chimy’s is a great place to catch the game with friends or even watch the Emmy’s-as I’m doing now. So if you want to explore the great San Marcos treasures and try their treats-add Chimy’s and a DP shootout to your list!

Until next time,



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